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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment


Corrosion, deposition, fouling, and biological growth can derail your operations. BOQU Instrument’s combination of cooling tower treatment chemicals, software, monitoring and industry expertise can help prevent these issues or aid in the recovery from a failure event.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Solutions

BOQU Instrument offers the most advanced cooling water treatment solutions on the market, designed specifically to enhance and maximize your production output and heat transfer efficiency. Our well-trained, seasoned engineering and technical service representatives are devoted to helping identify the best solution for your operational issues.

Industrial facilities look to BOQU Instrument to help them achieve and maximize production goals by using cooling tower water treatment to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces that enable maximum process heat removal and product throughput. Commercial and Institutional facilities utilize BOQU Instrument's cooling tower water treatment to improve and maximize chiller efficiency while reducing water and energy costs and consumption.

What's in a BOQU Instrument cooling tower treatment solution?

Every cooling tower water treatment program is unique. Water sources, including the increased usage of compromised and re-use water sources, and the relative levels of ions and microbiological populations in cooling tower waters vary widely around the world. Cooling tower operating conditions, including temperature, sizes, flows, metals of construction, and process variation, are different with every customer. BOQU Instrument has spent decades leading the industry in engineering the most robust and effective solutions for cooling tower water treatment, and our team of experienced technicians and industry experts will work with you to design a solution that fits your needs.

What this means for you

System efficiency: Improved heat transfer efficiency in critical operating equipment

Environmental profile: Optimized/reduced water usage and reduced treatment costs and blowdown/discharge volume

Operating costs: Reduced power consumption, maintenance requirements and outages/turnarounds. 

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