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Medical Wastewater Monitoring Solution

Medical Wastewater Monitoring Solution


Medical Wastewater refers to the discharge from outpatient clinics, wards, operating rooms, examination rooms, pathological dissection rooms, radiology rooms and other departments engaged in diagnosis and treatment activities in medical institutions, as well as laundry rooms, morgues, disinfection supply centers, temporary storage rooms for medical waste, etc. Diagnosis and treatment, life and fecal sewage. When other sewage from a medical institution is mixed and discharged with the above sewage, it shall be regarded as medical sewage.

Medical sewage water usually contains a variety of bacteria, viruses, parasite eggs and some toxic and harmful substances. At the same time, medical sewage also contains heavy metals, organic solvents, radioactive substances, and acid-base solutions. If these substances are directly discharged into the environment, they will cause great harm and affect human health. They must be treated before they can be discharged.

The current secondary biochemical treatment processes for medical wastewater treatment include: activated sludge method, biofilm method, etc. The disinfection process can be roughly divided into two categories: physical methods and chemical methods. Physical methods include radiation method, ultraviolet method, heating method, freezing method, etc. Chemical methods include treatment with halogens, ozone, heavy metal ions, cationic surfactants, and other chemical agents. Among them, chlorine disinfection and ozone disinfection are more commonly used. The most widely used method in my country is chlorine disinfection.

Due to medical waste water industry characteristics, the management and control of conventional pollutants for water quality is slightly different from conventional pollution sources for medical wastewater. In addition to conventional COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen, the effluent needs to be disinfected in consideration of the existence of viruses such as microorganisms. Avoid flowing into the sewage pipe network, causing fecal spread. At the same time, the treatment of sludge also requires a large amount of disinfection treatment before it can be discharged, to prevent microorganisms, bacteria and other viruses from entering the environment and affecting the health of the people.

In the medical wastewater treatment process, the water quality parameters to be monitored in different process units are different

Pre-treatment stage monitoring parameters: suspended solids, pH

Coagulation and sedimentation treatment Monitoring parameters: pH, suspended solids

Biochemical treatment monitoring parameters: dissolved oxygen, sludge concentration, pH

Depth treatment monitoring parameters: pH, dissolved oxygen, suspended solids

Detoxification stage monitoring parameters: total residual chlorine, chlorine dioxide

With the outbreak and large-scale spread of COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, hospitals have become a hot spot of national concern. At first, people were concerned about the spread of the virus in the air and the protection of the upper respiratory tract, but as the epidemic became more and more intense around the world, the virus could also be found in sewage. Environmental biologists at the University of Stirling in the United Kingdom found that the new coronavirus or other coronaviruses transmitted through sewage can survive in sewage for 14 days. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment of my country also issued a document in February to prevent the spread of the new crown virus through sewage and ensure that various water quality indicators meet the "Water Pollutant Discharge Standards for Medical Institutions."

In addition to disinfectant indicators, conventional monitoring indicators include pH, flow, suspended solids, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, volatile phenols and heavy metals.

According to GB18466-2005 "Water Pollutant Discharge Standards for Medical Institutions" and HJ 1105-2020, "Technical Specifications for Pollution Discharge Permit Application and Issuance of Medical Institutions", the monitoring points, monitoring indicators and minimum monitoring frequency of sewage from sewage units in medical institutions are as follows:

Monitoring Position Monitoring Parameters
Total sewage outlet Flow
pH value
Fecal coliforms
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, BOD, petroleum, volatile phenol, animal and vegetable oil, anionic surfactant, total cyanide
Enteric bacteria, enterovirus
Discharge from Department or Instrment
Total mercury, total chromium, hexavalent chromium, total cadmium, total lead, total arsenic, total silver
Outlet of Contact tank Total residual chlorine

BOQU Water Quality Monitoring Solution

According to the "Water Pollutant Discharge Standard for Medical Institutions" and related standards for pollution source monitoring, our company can provide the following equipment configuration solutions for the medical system

Item Parameters Model Measured point

pHG-2091 pH Meter

Outlet of Contact tank
2 Residual chlorine CL-2059A Residual Chlorine Meter Outlet of Contact tank
3 COD CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer Total sewage outlet
4 Total phosphorus TPG-3030 Online Total Phosphorus Analyzer Total sewage outlet
5 Total nitrogen TNG-3020 Online Total Nitrogen Analyzer Total sewage outlet
6 Ammonia Nitrogen NHNG-3010 Online Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer Total sewage outlet
7 TSS TSG-2087S Online Suspended Solid Meter Total sewage outlet
8 Flow BQ-OCFM Open Channel Flow Meter Total sewage outlet

Application Case

 Hubei Cancer Hospital

Verbal communication include sounds, words

 Hospital Staff

group photos in front of water quality monitoring station

 Sewage Monitoring Station

water monitoring station for BOQU Instrument

 Water Quality Instrument

COD, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, suspended solids


staff are operating water quality monitoring instruments at site


Supervisor come to the hospital and check the working performance of water quality instrument

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