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Precautions for industrial pH meter probes

Precautions for industrial pH meter probes


The sewage industry pH meter is an important instrument for measuring the pH of the solution. As the measuring element, the correct installation method of the pH meter is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results. Before installing the wastewater industry pH meter electrode, you first need to select a suitable electrode type. We need to ensure that the electrodes we purchase can be used correctly in the working conditions and are also more convenient to use.

Maintenance of industrial pH meter probe:

1. The cable connector of the industrial PH meter probe must be kept clean and cannot be affected by moisture or water. Otherwise, the measurement error will increase, and even the industrial PH meter will not work properly.

2. The industrial pH meter probe should be cleaned frequently to ensure that it is not contaminated.

3. The industrial pH meter probe should be recalibrated every once in a while. The specific time interval needs to be determined according to the condition of the solution being measured.

4. During non-working period, if the electrode membrane bubble cannot be immersed in the solution or water to be measured, the electrode should be removed and soaked in 1 mol KCl solution. Remember not to dry out the electrode, otherwise its life will be shortened.

5. Before the industrial pH meter probe is put into use if the electrode membrane is dry, it should be soaked in 3 mol KCl solution for a period of time, generally more than 24 hours.

6. The membrane bubble of the industrial pH meter probe is a very thin layer of special glass. When installing, calibrating, or cleaning the electrode, you must be very careful to avoid damaging the membrane bubble.

7. Do not install the sensor cable and the AC or DC power cord in the same wiring hole. Cables that are too long should not be crimped close to motors or other equipment, which may generate electromagnetic fields. When purchasing an industrial pH meter probe, you need to choose a suitable cable length to ensure the appropriate length and avoid unnecessary induction signals.

Key points for using a pH meter:

1. Insert the liquid: Insert the electrode head into the liquid to be measured. If using glass electrodes, we need to avoid collisions and shaking to prevent glass breakage.

2. Fixed position: Fix the electrode in an appropriate position in the container or pipe. Fixtures, clamps or threaded connections can be used to ensure that the probe is stable and does not move.

3. Ambient temperature: The electrode should avoid contact with too high or too low temperature, which can extend the life of the electrode.

4. If the liquid being measured contains corrosive substances such as strong acids and alkalis, we need to use probes made of special materials or take other protective measures.

5. Ensure cable safety: The electrode cables should be isolated from other equipment or pipelines to avoid mechanical damage or electromagnetic interference.

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