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Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring

Swimming Pool Water Quality Monitoring

Swimming pool water quality monitoring

Swimming is a popular and healthy leisure activity. But algae and other substances such as hazardous germs, viruses, and bacteria can soon accumulate in water – especially when it is used by lots of people. To ensure that people can enjoy their swim, the quality of the water must be constantly checked. This is why all swimming pools are continuously monitored and controlled. BOQU supports you in the process and has the right solutions for your swimming pool water quality monitoring applications. 

YLG-2058X Residual Chlorine Meter

Disinfection by Chlorination

Chlorination is the most commonly used method for water disinfection. This treatment serves primarily to kill or reduce the microorganisms within the water (bacteria, viruses, etc.). This process can also be called sterilization. Liquid analysis technology from BOQU is used for the right amount of chlorine,YLG-2058X residual chlorine meter integrated all pipe,user just need to connect pipe and wires ,then it can work in good performance.

PHG-2091 Online pH Meter

pH control

The pH value is one of the most important parameters in swimming pool water. The optimum pH value for swimming pool water lies between 7.2 and 7.8. pH values that are too low or too high cause various problems like corrosion as well as skin and eye irritation.PHG-2091 online pH meter is economical and precision solution to monitor pH value in swimming pool.

ORP-2096 Online ORP Meter

Water quality control

The redox(ORP) value is a central measurand to assess the quality of swimming pool water. Just like the pH value and chlorine content it is measured at a central point in the swimming pool. The sensors for the liquid analysis are located in a practical fitting which is also equipped with temperature and flow measurement to establish the optimum measuring conditions.ORP-20096 Online ORP meter is most popular in swimming pool application.

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