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Toroidal conductivity sensor in Clean-in-Place (CIP) System

Toroidal conductivity sensor in Clean-in-Place (CIP) System


What does CIP cleaning mean?

Cleaning in Place refers to a method used to clean production facilities and pipelines. The plant is cleaned in circular or continuous processes, without prior disassembly.

How works of Toroidal conductivity sensor?

Toroidal conductivity sensors consist of two toroidal coils inside an inert plastic case (these toroidal coils are how the “toroidal” sensor gets its name). One toroid emits an electric field, and the other detects a small induced electric current proportional to the number of ions present (this induced current is why toroidal sensors may also be called “inductive” sensors). 

The two toroids form a transformer whose coils are interconnected by the resistance of the surrounding electrolytic solution. In contrast to traditional contacting conductivity sensors, DDG-GY toroidal conductivity sensors do not cause polarization, do not become fouled, and rarely require maintenance. Reduced maintenance needs and increased reliability make toroidal conductivity sensors more cost-effective than contacting sensors over time.

BOQU Toroidal conductivity Meter by use of Clean-in-Place (CIP) System

BOQU SJG-2083CS Toroidal conductivity meter has earned a reputation in the recovery of cleaning solutions because it can take measurements with good boundary surface precision over a wide range.

how works of toroidal conductivity sensor?

Expected Benefits

1.Optimizes cleaning and sterilizing application for tanks and piping by the use of CIP

2.Reduces operating costs

CIP systems depend on the process differentiations of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food & Beverage. In addition, the cleaning solutions and chemicals are different. The chemicals that are generally used are hypochlorous acid, caustic soda, and nitrous acid. In a cleaning solution recovery system, the process lines and piping are cleaned with an initial cleaning solution. 

After that, the cleaning solution is cleaned with fresh water. The cleaning solution is recovered at that point, but since it gradually becomes diluted with freshwater, recovery is discontinued and the solution is discharged through a drainage line when the concentration of the cleaning solution drops below the standard value. 

The cleaning with different solutions or freshwater, the recovery of the cleaning solution, and the discharge of waste solution are repeatedly carried out. In addition, sterilization with steam or cleaning with distilled water or de-ionized water is performed as a final step in some cases.


Toroidal conductivity sensor


 Industrial Acid Alkali Concentration Meter;Toroidal conductivity meter

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