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What’s the definition of pH Meter?

What’s the definition of pH Meter?


What’s the definition of PH Meter?

A pH meter is a precise instrument that weighs the hydrogen-ion movement in water-based suspensions, showing its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH.

It is also called a potentiometric pH meter because it measures the variation in electrical potential between a pH electrode and a reference electrode.

The variation in electrical potential links to the acidity or pH of the suspension.

This meter is used for experimentation, quality control, etc.

The word pH is acquired from p, the scientific figure for negative logarithm, and H, the chemical symbol for Hydrogen.

PH is a unit of measure that expresses the level of acidity or alkalinity of a suspension. It is graded on a range of 0 to 14. pH = -log[H+]

In 1909 Nobel-Prize winning German chemist Fritz Haber (18681934) and his student Zygmunt Klemensiewicz (18861963) explained the glass electrode idea. The modern, electronic pH meter was introduced in 1934, by an American chemist Arnold Beckman (19002004).


How to pH measurement?

The pH rate of a material is directly linked to the degree of the hydrogen ion [H+] and the hydroxyl ion [OH-] concentrations.


The quantitative data rendered via the pH meter shows the ratio of the movement of an acid or base in terms of hydrogen ion activity.


If the H+ density is higher than OH-, the substance is acidic; i.e., the pH amount is less than 7.

If the OH- intensity is higher than H+, the substance is basic, including a pH value higher than 7.

If identical quantities of H+ and OH- ions are present, the substance is neutral, with a pH of 7.

free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions possess both Acids and bases. The connection between hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions in a supplied suspension is fixed for a provided set of circumstances, either one can be resolved by recognizing the other.

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