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Online Hydrochloric acid (HCl) Concentration Measurement

Online Hydrochloric acid (HCl) Concentration Measurement

The concentration of hydrochloric acid (HCl) is calculated by measuring the conductivity and temperature of the acid. BOQU Instrument offers readymade concentration measurement recipes for various hydrochloric acid concentrations.

The Inductive conductivity sensors are readily calibrated and the cell constant is stored in the sensor memory. All you have to do is install the inductive conductivity sensor in the process pipe and power up the measurement. BOQU Instrument Acid and Alkali Concentration measurement are maintenance-free and accurate thanks to Inductive conductivity technology, it’s also called toroidal conductivity sensor or Electrodeless conductivity sensor. The conductivity sensors are designed to withstand rapid temperature changes have a long lifetime even in the most demanding applications.

Expected Benefits of Hydrochloric acid concentration measurement

Ensures stable, continuous measurement in heavily contaminated liquids

Reduces operating costs

Eliminates the need for manual cleaning

Customer Reviews

South Korean customers' evaluation of SJG-2083CS hydrochloric acid concentration meter


Hydrochloric Acid Concentration Meter 

Pipe installation

The tread of the BOQU toroidal conductivity sensor  is 1 1/2NPT of pipe installation

Acid and alkali concentration analyzer is a kindly of process liquid analyzers such as online pH meters,online conductivity meters, ORP meters, and density meters play an important role at electrolysis plants in the control of concentrations of various process solutions. This requires both precision and stability under harsh conditions that include highly corrosive substances, high temperatures, and many impurities. here we recommend you use SJG-2083CS Acid and alkali concentration meter. it's with an Inductive conductivity sensor and can measure the different acid concentrations or alkali concentrations such as Sodium chloride concentration, hydrochloric acid concentration, Nitric acid, caustic soda(sodium hydroxide), sulfuric acid, potassium hydroxide, etc

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