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Phosphorus-containing laundry detergent is one of the culprits causing the deterioration of lakes and other water bodies

by:BOQU     2023-03-15
Phosphorus is essential for plant growth. There are algal aquatic plants in lakes and other water bodies. In a balanced water body, algae are also in a balanced growth state. It will grow and reproduce in large numbers, just like if you provide a fat man with enough food, he will keep eating, and he will become fatter and fatter. This can lead to 'red tides' (which contain large amounts of red algae). Since the phosphorus in sodium tripolyphosphate is one of the three major nutritional elements of plants, it will cause the problem of 'eutrophication' in water areas. Eutrophication is a phenomenon of water pollution caused by excessive plant nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. . Under natural conditions, with the continuous sedimentation and sedimentation of rivers carrying impact materials and aquatic biological debris on the bottom of the lake, the lake will transition from a flat nutrient lake to a eutrophic lake, and then evolve into a swamp and land. This is an extremely slow process. However, due to human activities, after a large amount of industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, and plant nutrients in farmland runoff are discharged into slow-flowing water bodies such as lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, and bays, aquatic organisms, especially algae, will multiply in large numbers, making the population of biomass The number of species changes, destroying the ecological balance of the water body.
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