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The abnormal phenomenon of the COD water quality analyzer meter for unknown reasons is damaged.

by:BOQU     2022-01-21

The correct use of COD water quality analyzer:

1. The COD water quality analyzer starts to enter the system self-check to check whether the function of each main component is normal, such as the main board of the instrument, the printer, the liquid circuit detection (completed by the liquid detector), the distribution valve and the valve detector, etc. It can identify and judge faults and automatically prompt.

2. Enter the activation electric program, with electric activation timing function, grasp the activation time, in order to improve the service life of the electric and ensure the electric stability. The time is 30 minutes, you can press the NO key to exit the activation program directly.

3. Enter the main menu, perform calibration, and ensure the stability of the instrument through calibration.

4. Select water sample analysis. After more than 5 times of quality control tests, the quality control report can be automatically generated and printed, and the average value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation of the quality control times can be calculated.

5. The liquid detection program ensures sample injection and measurement, automatic prompting of the measurement process, a convenient guide for you, 24-hour standby, automatic maintenance in the standby state, and automatic forward and reverses flushing function.

COD water quality analyzer daily maintenance:

1. The inspection period of the conductivity cell depends on the condition of the equipment and the conductivity of the tested solution. Generally speaking, the higher the conductivity of the solution, the higher the requirements for the electrode surface, and the more inspection times. Under normal circumstances, it only needs to be checked once a month.

2. The inspection items are as follows: whether the battery has cracks, nicks, signs of wear or deterioration; whether the platinum black coating on the electrode surface is in good condition; whether the electrode has signs of corrosion or discoloration: whether the protective layer around the electrode is in good condition; Whether the airport is blocked, etc.

3. When the battery is installed in a new piping system, it is recommended to check it after a few days of operation. Observe whether there are impurities such as oil, rust, and sediment on the electrode and the pool wall. If there is, clean it.

4. If the conductivity of the tested solution greatly exceeds the upper limit of the measuring range of the instrument, cut off the power immediately and check whether the conductivity cell is damaged.

5. If the display instrument has unexplained abnormal phenomena, such as decreased sensitivity, increased dead zone, increased hysteresis, unstable instrument indication and difficulty in balance, etc., it indicates that the instrument is extremely damaged. Electrode cells should be removed for inspection, cleaning, or replacement.

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