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Talk about the application scope and principle of online residual chlorine detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-23
The Chinese online residual chlorine analyzer is a highly intelligent online monitor, which consists of two parts: a sensor and a secondary meter. It can measure residual chlorine, pH value and temperature at the same time. It can be widely used in the continuous monitoring of residual chlorine and pH value of various water quality in electric power, waterworks, hospital and other industries. Large-scale high-concentration residual chlorine online detection and monitoring analyzer (0-300ppm) is a detector produced by our company with imported foreign technology. It belongs to an online intelligent residual chlorine detector with excellent functions. It uses imported components and is based on the latest zui Advanced membrane-free three-electrode analysis technology, and advanced production technology and surface mount technology. Using this series of advanced analytical techniques to ensure long-term stability, reliability and accuracy of the instrument. With Chinese menu operation, 485 communication and other functions. It is used for continuous monitoring and control of residual chlorine content in aqueous solution for disinfection machine equipment manufacturers and disinfection process water. On-line monitoring of hypochlorous acid (HOCL)/residual chlorine concentration used in disinfection machines and industrial process water disinfection processes. In the market, there are very few professional companies that can provide it, and companies that can use professional means to research, prepare standard solutions, and manufacture perfect sensor measurement technology are even rarer. Our company breaks the market routine, gives full play to its own advantages, and responds to the goal of the country's entrepreneurial Chinese dream. After a large number of rigorous experiments and conclusions. Launched a new generation of large-scale online residual chlorine analyzer, which is applied to the detection of residual chlorine in process water with high chlorine content. Such as disinfection machine equipment, hospital routine disinfection, etc. The principle of the online residual chlorine detector: a specific voltage is applied between the two electrodes, and a reduction current is generated on the counter electrode, and the generated current intensity has a functional relationship with the residual chlorine concentration; thus the residual chlorine concentration is calculated. Since there is a fixed conversion relationship between HOCl, ClO- and residual chlorine under certain temperature and pH conditions, the measurement results can be compensated in this way to improve measurement accuracy.
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